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Just like Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary, Norgay Accountants aims to act as a financial mentor for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Aided by modern-day technology, we will help and guide you in following up your financial strategy. We provide our customers the necessary support in both their private financial affairs and their business affairs, so that they are able to fully concentrate on their core activities.
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Experienced team

Each and every day, our experts ensure that our projects are handled correctly and efficiently. We offer a personalised approach for every specific problem.


We are renowned as a strategic consultant for the growth phase of a business. Briefly put, we will guide you with your strategy and assist you in its implementation.


The provision of a product or service starts by listening to our clients’ ambitions and learning their histories. This enables us to set to work proactively and offer precisely that little extra bit of service that sets us apart from other accountancy firms.

29 May 1953

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the top of Mount Everest. Going where no man has ever gone before, they were willing to give it all they had, together.

Norgay Accountants has its origins in the philosophy behind the success of these two pioneers: we aim to act as a financial mentor to entrepreneurs and independent professionals, for their private financial affairs as well as their business affairs.

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Your guides to successful entrepreneurship

Enthusiastic, dynamic, ambitious – and always ready to contribute their input.
Frederic Van den Eynde

Frederic Van den Eynde

Frederic is specialised in corporate tax, corporate law and strategic advice, he makes sure that his personal touch is always present in his complex projects.

He attends passionately all basketmatches of his 3! kids, he loves to travel and adores his music.

  • Enjoys gastronomy
  • Huge fan of Okapi Aalstar
  • Dad of Bastiaan, Matthijs and Louise

    Wouter Delcourt

    Wouter is an allround specialist that assists his customers on all areas in entrepreneurship, such as accountancy and strategical insights. .

    He is always striving to find the best solution made to measure.

    • Enjoys live at the fullest
    • Frequent runner and bike enthousiast
    • Dad of Elise, Julie and Laure
    Jeroen Vanderlinden

    Jeroen Vanderlinden

    Jeroen is specialised in corporate tax, corporate law, strategic advice, family succession issues, and has a great deal of experience with nonprofit organisations.

    He starts every morning with a thirty-minute run and ends every day with a glass of good Italian wine.

    • enjoys going out to dinner with his wife Cindy
    • likes indoor sports
    • is the father of Arne

      Our experts are at your disposal: to guide you on your journey as an entrepreneur.